Case Study: Mikrox

How Digimetri reached Mikrox’s potential with users the right SEO strategy & achieved 220% increase in organic traffic?


  • Organic traffic increased 220% in a year (Jan 19-Nov 19 vs Jan 20-Nov 20)
  • Organic traffic increase x10 in 2 years( Nov 18 vs Nov 20)
  • 94 % of 450+ keywords that we track, rank in the first page results.
  • Our focus is not only in increasing organic traffic but also driving high quality leads
  • Conversion increase %132 in a year via organic traffic. 


Unique strategies to reach SMEs

  • Unique technical and content strategy was created to reach SMEs
  • Google ads data were analyzed regularly in order to maximize both organic and paid channels and decrease cost
  • Consumer trends and government regulations were analyzed which helps us to drive traffic up to date topics.
  • Made test to become visible on different featured snippet and to maximize traffic.
  • Regular meeting with product and marketing team helped us to better understand the match with product and the users.

“We have been working with Digimetri team for 3 years. Team members are highly experienced, have industry knowledge and have strong communication skills. Organic traffic growth shows how Digimetri focus on success.”

Mert Alankaya

Digital Marketing Manager

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